Oracle BI : Create Analyses and Dashboards

ثبت نام در دوره Oracle BI : Create Analyses and Dashboards

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با هماهنگی مشتری
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سیلابس دوره:

  • Create and modify Oracle Business Intelligence analyses
  • Use hierarchical columns in analyses and views
  • Perform administration tasks related to the development and configuration of dashboards
  • Build and use views and graphs in analyses
  • Combine analysis criteria using set operations and execute direct database requests
  • Perform pre- and post-aggregate filtering using filters, groups, and selections
  • Add geographical mapping to analyses
  • Use Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile to view BI content on a mobile device
  • Create and modify dashboards
  • Use Oracle BI for Microsoft Office to integrate Oracle BI analysis and dashboard content
  • Configure Agents using Delivers to get the results of analyses and deliver them to subscribers