Oracle BI : Build Repositories

ثبت نام در دوره Oracle BI : Build Repositories

روز و ساعت برگزاری: چهارشنبه ها و پنجشنبه ها 9 الی 18
مدت(ساعت): 36
هزینه(تومان): 970,000
تاریخ شروع: 99/04/14

سیلابس دوره:

  • Build the Physical, Business Model and Mapping, and Presentation layers of a repository
  • Build and run analyses to test and validate a repository
  • Build simple and calculated measures for a fact table
  • Create logical dimension hierarchies and level-based measures
  • Model aggregate tables to speed query processing
  • Model partitions and fragments to improve application performance and usability
  • Use variables to streamline administrative tasks and modify metadata content dynamically
  • Use time series functions to support historical time comparison analyses
  • Set up security to authenticate users and assign appropriate permissions and privileges
  • Apply cache management techniques to maintain and enhance query performance
  • Set up query logging for testing and debugging
  • Set up a multiuser development environment
  • Use Administration Tool wizards and utilities to manage, maintain, and enhance repositories
  • Enable usage tracking to track queries and database usage, and improve query performance
  • Perform a patch merge in a development-to-production scenario
  • Configure Oracle BI to support multilingual environments

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